Gem S.T.A.R. Driving School

Student/Parent Class Information
Course Objective:To provide students with a basic understanding of motor vehicle operations and safety.

Course Supplies:For each class, students must have the following:

-A pencil, a folder and a supply of paper.
-The textbook will be checked out to each student for the duration of the course. Students are responsible for replacing lost or damaged textbooks up to the full replacement cost of $40.00
-The Idaho Driver’s Manual will be issued and is theirs to keep.

Course Grading:Each student needs a grade of “B” or above to successfully pass the driver education course and to receive a driver’s license. The grade is determined in three areas. Each of these areas will contribute 1/3 of the overall course grade. The grading areas are as follows:

-2)Classroom written work and testing
-3)Behind the wheel performance and testing.

The grade for classroom work will be based on total points earned from quizzes, assignments and tests. A percentage will be calculated and a letter grade assigned according to the following scale:

-90% - 100% = A
-80%-89% =B
-Below 80% = FAIL

Scoring for behind the wheel performance will be based upon the following scale:

-A Performs appropriately without coaching 90% - 100%
-B Some coaching necessary 80% - 89%
-F Cannot perform skill 0%

The “attitude” grade will be assumed as 100% at the beginning of the course and may be deducted throughout the course for the following:

-1. Failure to follow class rules
-2. Missing driving lessons without making prior arrangements
-3. Lack of serious concern for laws and safety issues
-4. Disruptive behavior while observing driving or in the classroom
-5. Students caught driving in violation of their instruction permit will be failed

Classroom Attendance: Each student is required to attend a minimum of 30 hours of classroom instruction.

Driving attendance: Each student is required to complete 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction and 6 hours of in-the-vehicle observation.